THE VANISHING PLACES Picture Book is one of the publication from the design project "here & there — now & then". 
The photo book recording the Hong Kong vanishing place by taking photos of daily objects. The photographs were token in a close-up angle and graphical way. Therefore, objects in the place can be capture in detail. 
透過拍攝該地方的代表物品,如街上張貼著的傳單和郵箱公園的柱子街市紅色燈罩和燈泡,記錄香港這些即將消失的地方 。 攝影集中的相片均以圖形化及特寫的角度拍攝,讓讀者以特別的攝影角度觀看這些即將面臨淘汰的地方。

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