THE VANISHING CANTONESE BOOK is one of the publication from the design project "here & there — now & then". 
The book showing the reasons why Cantonese (a language spoken within the city of Canton and its vicinity in southeastern China) is vanishing by showing the news in the recent years. It introduces the recent situation of Cantonese in order to get young people attention to our own language culture. 
On the other hand, the book also include introduction of basic Cantonese knowledge for young generation to learn. The design of the book is focusing on the arrangement of the information. Complicated information about Cantonese like the tone and pinyin (the official romanisation system for Standard Chinese) were reorganised and rearranged. 

Book box for protecting the book / 書盒有保䕶書籍的作用

本書是「近未來」提案的其中一本出版物。此書記錄廣東話消失的原因,重新介紹廣東話的特色,希望令人重拾對這種語言的認知及興趣。書中透過集合近年有關廣東話受到威脅的新聞原因,帶出廣東話現時的情況 。另外,書包括介紹簡單的粵語知識,讓年輕一代學習。

The graphic on the book box represents a vanishing city / 書盒的圖象代表著一個消失中的城市

The lacer cut shape of eastern Guangdong / 粵東地圖的形狀

Traditional Chinese book binding / 中國傳統的線裝書裝訂形式

The screen-printed cover with a full block of Cantonese words / 絲印廣東話字詞

Layout: The structure of Cantonese vocabularies / 內頁排版:廣東話詞語結構

Layout: The tone of Cantonese / 內頁排版:廣東話語調

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