The brand PRINT PRINTS is focusing on educates public the three type of techniques/ knowledge of printmaking (mono-print/etching/screen-print). Besides the printmaking workshop, we focusing on deliver useful techniques of printmaking through the simple package of the print. 
Package with manual (mono-print/etching/screen-print)
Package of the prints 1

Printmaking guide which included in the package

This manual is for all the participants who joined the printmaking workshop in PRINT PRINTS. All of them can get this manual home and review the printmaking technique that they have learnt in the workshop. Therefore, the process and information in this printmaking manual are much more detail then the pieces of manual that stick with the package. 
Printed-paper was used to print the manual to make the business to be more environmental friendly. Therefore, you can see that there are different kinds of paper in one manual.
Wasted paper found in the printmaking studio, which can use to print the poster.
Printed-paper was used to print the poster
Close up of the poster
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