The idea of the topic was inspired by the eating habit of my friends. I always discover some interesting ideas of how people mixing different foods together when I dine with them. For examples, one of my friends like eating toast with a lot of sugars, one of my friends like eating avocado with white vinegar, and one of my friends like mixing soy milk, egg, soy sauce and vegetable together for her breakfast. 
For this project, I am not going to take generally food photos, which usually focus on the mouth-watering shots. All photos were taken in a surreal way by referencing paintings by Rene Magritte with bright color tone.
Concept & art direction & photography: Poe Cheung 
Model: Trian Kong
Special thanks: Siu Loi, Sydney Sie

ice-cream & chips / butter & rice

oreo & orange juice

toast & sugar

ice-cream & chips

wine & coke

behind the scenes
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