Since being founded in 1976, "City Magazine" has come along to its 500th issue. A Hong Kong-based cultural magazine, "City Magazine" has always aimed to promote local culture and arts.
Cover design for the future City Magazine
The business of the paper media is becoming increasingly difficult. The work is based on an idea and experiment of the concept of "future". If digitalisation of the paper media becomes a major trend in the future, how will the City Magazine cover be presented again?
The readers may not be buying a magazine with fifty pages, but buying a cover with a QR code? Will readers have a more interesting reading or visual experience? If paper is no longer the only carrier of texts, where will the text come from? In the future, will someone invent a magic weapon like "memory bread," so that we don't even have to look at the texts but swallow it and our heads will automatically display images and information?
讀者或許不是購買一本厚厚的雜誌,而是購買一個印有QR code的封面? 讀者會有更有趣的閲讀或視覺體驗嗎?若紙張不再成為唯一的載體,文字還會從哪裏出現?將來會真的有人發明像「記憶麵包」的食物,讓我們連看也不用看,腦袋中自動浮現畫面和資訊嗎? 
"CITY MAGAZINE" 500 COVERS EXHIBITION | 26th May – 3rd June | Space 27, Hong Kong

Exhibition photos by YK Lam

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